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Every day a surrogate mother is making a dream come true...

Welcome to the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc.'s special website. This website has been specifically created to share some of our surrogate mother stories with you. If you are considering giving the amazing gift of helping a couple have their own family, we hope these stories help you. Surrogacy is the most wonderful field in the world. It is about people helping people in the most spiritual and humane way possible. Apart from the birth of your own children, there is no other experience in the world to compare to delivering a child for your couple and seeing the tears run down their cheeks. That moment is extremely emotional and will remain your own beautiful memory forever.

We have put together the stories from ten surrogate mothers in our program. Their stories are no different to those of every surrogate mother. However, every surrogate mother story we have ever listened to is just amazing because of the "human" bonding and the love between all the parties is so clearly present. These ten ladies have generously volunteered to share their stories with you because each one is so very proud of their story and their contribution towards making dreams come true.

We hope you enjoy these stories and we look forward to being given the opportunity to guide you through your surrogacy journey.

Welcome to the club of dream makers!